Is Ibogaine the best choice for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction?

Time and experience has shown that sufferers of drug and alcohol addiction along with their family members will at some point of their situation be confronted with the reality of not getting the results they are seeking, through the wide array of rehabilitation programs. The ability to finance such treatments through insurance and other options such as receiving payment to be admitted has made the drug and alcohol addiction treatment a lucrative business for many of these institutions. Patients are repeatedly entered through a variety of programs in a never ending revolving door, which in most cases end up prescribing them pharmaceuticals the FDA claims can assist in treating their condition. Research has proven these methods to be generally considered unsustainable, and patients are left more and more with the idea of not being able to fulfill the task as their self-esteem is broken down. Family members are usually the first ones to seek help for their loved ones, in some cases in the initial stages, but most do not come to knowledge until the situation has turned for the worst. Drug and alcohol addiction can be handled in a functional basis for a very few cases, but for most circumstances lies, deceit, secrecy, manipulation and over all loss of will power becomes a common factor. After endless attempts of similar protocols for drug and alcohol addiction, patients and family members begin their research for alternative options; such as foreign plant medicines like Ibogaine, Ayahuasca and many other psychedelics, distinct psychological therapies and even holistic approach to the matter. Unfortunately, these searches for information are then met with oppositions in opinion and confusing facts due to no governmental approving of their legality or the existence of federal analysis for treatment of drug or alcohol addiction. Ibogaine treatment for drug and alcohol addiction specifically, is based on the sacred African plant medicine in which I am going to focus my article, being that it has become very popular in the last few years and will become the most important breakthrough in the near future for combating the addiction crisis worldwide. Ibogaine carries a long history since its extraction from its country of origin Africa and its introduction to the American Continent, however it’s history I don’t see need to discuss at the moment because there are already many trustworthy articles in the subject. In this article I will instead make emphasis on Ibogaines efficiency for drug and alcohol addiction, so readers may learn through my over five years of experience and above 400 patients treated for substance dependency and mental disorders, why ibogaine is the best choice.

One of the biggest fears and reasons why a patient can’t stand to go through a program is the withdrawal, emotional distress and the cravings they must withstand while attending a detox program, that sometimes can be through a 30 and even up to 90 days stay. In modern programs for opiate detox, patients are simply prescribed pharmaceuticals that end up being just a substitute to keep them from leaving and in the overall picture this really doesn’t resolve anything. If you ask me, yes, they are a better option then taking street drugs, because the patient is put out of harm’s way and can avoid overdosing with unpredictable street drugs, but these substitutes defeat the overall purpose of a “detox” or “rehab”, which is to assist the detachment of a patient from the dependence and guide them back to a “normal” life. Well Ibogaine can definitely deliver this outcome, Ibogaine can rid the patient permanently from the withdrawal and cravings, as it has the ability to give you a result of a 6 months detox program in an accelerated manner in just 24-48 hrs. In my program at Rite Of Passage Mexico, my patients go through a holistic preparation of their organism to ease the transition after Ibogaine and they are assisted with an opiate taper to facilitate the detox before it, in a period of 15 days. When a patient is correctly treated with Ibogaine for their individual dependence or addiction, withdrawal is definitely a thing of tomorrow and this result is permanent. The way this works is that thanks to Ibogaine, the patient experiences the regulation of the chemicals that their brain had stopped producing and was causing the withdrawal and cravings in the first place. Once these levels are regulated with the Ibogaine Treatment, the patient is free from withdrawal, simple as that. Now addiction is not treated just with freeing yourself from withdrawal, but that is a topic to discuss in depth later. For now, I can state through my patient’s words, Ibogaine is the best choice for drug and alcohol addiction and can definitely provide the easiest detox any patient can be put under. As a patient recovers from the Ibogaine treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, the patient will notice a state of happiness because the chains that attach them to the need for their next fix is finally broken. Ibogaine treatment is the most painless detox a drug and alcohol addict can ever undergo. The patient will now be able to enjoy the sunlight hitting their skin on a sunny day, the patient will no longer feel uncomfortable under their skin, food becomes enjoyable and most have even said to recovery the joy of dreaming in their sleep. How else could a patient be able to return to a normal life, keep a job, become physically active again and best of all, have room for improvement. There is no better method then detoxing with Ibogaine. It is important to know Ibogaine is not a miracle drug that brainwashes the patient to changing their lifestyle, it is however a very effective interrupter that enables a person to recover through a much more relaxed physical and mental state, that will now truly give space to learn new habits and honestly send a patient down the path to an easier rehabilitation. I have treated patients who have literally tried all detox methods possible with no positive outcome, but now thanks to Ibogaine are living for the first time in 10 to 15 years of suffering an addiction. Ibogaine treatment is in fact the best choice for drug and alcohol addiction.

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