From the Co-Founder of Rite Of Passage Mexico

We have created this Blog for multiple reasons, one of them is to be able to share with our community our latest news, testimonials and important information that we would like to share easily with our followers. We want to share with the community the knowledge that we have obtain through many years of experience as Ibogaine &¬†Ayahuasca Providers and Addiction Treatment Specialists. We will be posting helpful tips and information to help both people struggling with addiction and their families on how to help them and on the correct use or successful use of Plant Medicines. We also want to create a forum for feedback of both our patients and the people who followed our advice on what their own experience was and how helpful or not the information we gave them was, to help us to keep improving our protocol and the use of the Plant’s medicines with their comments from their own experience, therefore please feel free to comment on any pots and give us your feedback, we will do our best to follow on all your replies. We are also open to read comments from those who have not been our patients nor followed our advice, if you have helpful information on the use of the Plant Medicine or any advice for helping with addiction, alcoholism and/or alcohols abuse, mental disorders and depression. We want to keep a friendly and positive environment and we ask everybody to respect everybody’s different opinions and to abstain from anything disrespectful or insulting comments. At last I want to mention for those who don’t know, we don’t call ourselves a Rehab or Addiction Treatment Center we are a Holistic Alternative Treatment Center as in now we don’t only treat addiction we also treat mental disorders and we also offer treatment for those who just want to improve their quality of life and/or find a true purpose on life; but we also looking to find alternatives treatments to other illnesses such of Hep C, Diabetes, Cancer and others as we believe just as there is Ibogaine and Ayahuasca alternative treatments that many years back a lot of people didn’t know about and about how great they are to treat addiction and mental disorders and how people didn’t know how to use them correctly and still a lot of people don’t know how to use them correctly and we have found a succesful method for the use of these plants, we believe there are other alternatives treatments out there for other diseases and our purpose is finding them and study them until finding the correct and successful way to use those treatments and them make them available to those who need them, just as we do with Ibogaine and Ayahuasca; therefore don’t be surprise if you find posts about other treatments that we are looking into. We hope to post something on treating Hep C soon !!.¬†

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  1. I wish you the best of luck in your journey to provide the medicines of Mother Earth. You are doing Gods’ work. Even though I only spoke to you briefly on Facebook when I reached out for help, you spoke up and I truly apprieciate you for it. Thank you.

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