A very common discussion when seeking Ibogaine for addiction.

I just concluded another successful Treatment, patient in his mid 30’s and we had a very interesting conversation, so I thought it was important to share it since it’s very common. When I first received a call from him, he mentioned in many occasions that my treatment program seemed like a very interesting approach, but it was very expensive and that he felt he was taking a huge risk in this actually working after trying so many different programs. Well long story short I convinced him to come and get treated, and he accepted to stay for a 30 day period. Our 30 day period has a cost of 20,000 USD, and in the end I took him in for about 18,000. Now that he has gotten through the program he says “I’m very grateful I took the decision and can finally say I feel I’m alive and not just a zombie drifting through life”. Now that he has the trust he opened up and voluntarily told us that he was basically spending about 500-1000 USD on Roxy’s daily!!!! due to the high amount he was on, without mentioning he shared this with his partner. In conclusion he was going to spend more money using for the next 30 days then paying for his treatment and coming here and putting those funds to good use. Now that the problem has been resolved, he can save that money and spend it on something else and as he said himself next Christmas will be about spending on his newborn instead of getting that next fix.
The point of me posting this, is that I see many cases of patients looking for a quick and cheap solution for their Addiction, and if you consider how much you spend or your parents spend in keeping your Addiction going, well this Ibogaine Treatment or others similar really are nothing compared. If it is your possibility to get treated professionally, don’t hesitate to research which is the best option for you based on treatment effectiveness and not by how much money you can save.

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